Minky Couture and a Discount!

Minky Couture Snow Leopard Blanket

Minky Couture is the best thing that every happened to me. This is literally the softest blanket I have ever owned. I am OBSESSED! I have a huge pile of blankets in about three different rooms of my house because I LOVE blankets. Even if it’s hot outside I want to curl up in a blanket. This is the comfiest blanket and it’s huge! They have tons of different sizes, but I suggest getting the big one!

You can get 45% off ANY full sized blanket until July 12th! Use code: KRISTIN45 

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Good Vibes and more Tie Dye

Thank goodness for “athleisure” being a thing now. I’m pretty sure at least 5 days out of the week I don’t even get dressed anymore. I wear my gym clothes everywhere since I’ve started working out everyday. I usually just throw on a different tank or a sweatshirt like with this outfit to make it a little bit more acceptable. Leggings are so cute now though that I don’t even feel weird doing it! I think these tie dye leggings from Lysse are the perfect example!

How do you guys feel about this trend?

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Vital Proteins for Collagen Production

Anyone else notice a drastic difference in your skin when you started getting close to age 30? My whole body seemed to change within a month of my birthday. A lot of people would say that it was all in my head, but I felt like I went through a second round of puberty or something.  My metabolism changed, I needed even more sleep, my recovery time from working out increased, and my hair and skin became so dry. I kind of had a mini meltdown!

Hello! Solution! Collagen! Do any of you really understand what it is or what is does? I am not going to pretend I totally understood what it was either, so I’ll give you a quick little rundown. Collagen is a form of protein, which is built out of amino acids. These are linked into what we call peptides, and these peptides are essential for collagen production in your body. Collagen is the basic building block of skin, hair, nails, bones and joints. Collagen also makes up about  70% of our skin, so you can see where I am going with this…

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Nike Logo Sweatshirt + $1000 Target Giftcard

I wanted to post these photos that were taken about a month an a half ago or so, when I first started my training program. In my mind I am a little soft, and my legs aren’t as lean as I would like them to be. My face even looks a little puffy. But what can I say, this technically was after the holiday binge. Not to mention, that a sweatshirt covers a lot!

I sound a little depressing, but I think that is what started motivating me to work out again. 100% honest, I was not happy with how I looked, and I have said a million times I am super hard on myself. Since I have started working out with Trainer Kelli, I have so much more motivation and I feel so much better. It’s not even about “being skinny” or looking a certain way. I do want to be in shape and I want to feel good in a swimsuit this summer, but working out has been such a great outlet for me mentally that I am so happy I started!

P.S. I’m going to be posting a progress photo on my instagram stories a little later tonight, because it really does work! I’ll do a full blog post after I finish my program, but I wanted to show you guys the difference so far! If you want to check it out, visit @kristinrosedavis for my story tonight!

Don’t forget to scroll below for your change to win a $1000 Target Giftcard!!!

Sweatshirt – Nike; Leggings – c/o MPG Sport (similar here); Sneakers – Nike (similar here and here)

Photos: Jordan Bree Photography

Hair & Makeup: Julia Price

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This week I am teaming up with an amazing group of ladies to bring you an INCREDIBLE giveaway. One lucky reader will win a $1,000 gift card to Target.

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Ily Couture Heart Sweatshirt for Valentine’s Day

Well…this is probably much more like what you would actually see me wearing for Valentine’s Day. It’s cute and casual and most of all it’s comfortable. I would much rather have a low key date, even though it is kind of fun to do something fancy every now and again. If you guys have not worn one of Ily Couture‘s Sweatshirts you are missing out on life. They are the softest sweatshirts I have found in a long time. (I also got this in a medium so it would be extra comfy!) This heart sweatshirt has been re-stocked so grab it while you still can!

This is also probably most likely what I will be doing on Valentine’s Day. French fries and a Shake? Yes Please!! Johnny Rocket’s at the Outlets at Traverse Mountain is the cutest little throw back diner in Utah. I think it would be so fun for a date idea! Don’t forget to enter my Giveaway (here) to win a giftcard for Valentine’s Day!

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Madewell Big Sky Cutoff

Don’t let the snow in these photos fool you…it’s still cold and your car will still get stuck in it. Haha! Yesterday it took me a good 45 minutes to get my car out of the snow after being gone on vacation and not driving it for about two weeks. It was just covered and frozen!

So enjoy these photos where the snow looks nice and pretty and be glad if you don’t live in it!! Utah you are absolutely gorgeous, but I prefer you with no snow!

On another note, I’m a little bit in love with this Madewell Big Sky Cutoff Sweatshirt! I’m usually one for big oversized sweatshirts, but this one is perfect for layering in the cold! So I paired it with what else…duh plaid! The plaid flannel underneath keeps me warm in all the cold snow, and then I get the extra layering from a comfy sweatshirt, but I don’t look sloppy! I also kind of think it would look so cute with some high waisted denim or leggings for a casual look without a layered item underneath as well. Thoughts?
Wild One Forever - Madewell Plaid and Big Sky Sweatshirt 4Wild One Forever - Madewell Plaid and Big Sky Sweatshirt 7Wild One Forever - Madewell Plaid and Big Sky Sweatshirt 6Wild One Forever - Madewell Plaid and Big Sky Sweatshirt 2Wild One Forever - Madewell Plaid and Big Sky Sweatshirt 3Wild One Forever - Madewell Plaid and Big Sky Sweatshirt 5Wild One Forever - Madewell Plaid and Big Sky Sweatshirt 8Wild One Forever - Madewell Plaid and Big Sky Sweatshirt 1

Sweatshirt – Madewell; Plaid Shirt – Madewell; Jeans – Paige Jeans; Sneakers – Converse

Photos: Emmy Lowe Photo

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3 Of My Favorite Things

I am a creature of habit. I find something I like and I overdo it! Sometimes I buy the same item in 3 different colors! Or sometimes I just go through phases where I buy everything the same color. Or the same style. My roommates will not let me buy another striped shirt or plaid button-down. Oops.

This outfit is probably something you will find me wearing about 5 days out of the week. These jeans (linked below) are literally my favorite jeans. They’re the skinny rocket high rise from Citizens of Humanity. They’re so comfortable and so flattering. I need to get them in black and the destroyed version! Plus I think New Balance sneakers are the most comfortable shoes ever. I think I wore these about 5 days in a row when I got them. You guys probably know how much I love them because I keep posting them! Sorry! Just a big fan!

But seriously if you know me you’ve definitely seen me wearing this sweatshirt, these shoes, and these jeans…or we’re probably not really friends. It’s that bad. They’re just my favorites!
Wild One Forever - Grey Madewell Sweatshirt 7Wild One Forever - Grey Madewell Sweatshirt 13Wild One Forever - Grey Madewell Sweatshirt 2Wild One Forever - Grey Madewell Sweatshirt 17Wild One Forever - Grey Madewell Sweatshirt 9Wild One Forever - Grey Madewell Sweatshirt 5Wild One Forever - Grey Madewell Sweatshirt 11Wild One Forever - Grey Madewell Sweatshirt 19Wild One Forever - Grey Madewell Sweatshirt 8Wild One Forever - Grey Madewell Sweatshirt 4Wild One Forever - Grey Madewell Sweatshirt 14Wild One Forever - Grey Madewell Sweatshirt 1Wild One Forever - Grey Madewell Sweatshirt 15Wild One Forever - Grey Madewell Sweatshirt 18Wild One Forever - Grey Madewell Sweatshirt 10Wild One Forever - Grey Madewell Sweatshirt 16Wild One Forever - Grey Madewell Sweatshirt 3Wild One Forever - Grey Madewell Sweatshirt 12Wild One Forever - Grey Madewell Sweatshirt 6Sweatshirt – Madewell; Jeans – Citizens of Humanity; Sneakers – New Balance; Clutch – c/o Lulu Dharma; Bracelets – c/o Lulu Dharma, c/o Lulu Dharma

Photos: Emmy Lowe Photo

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