Oscars After Parties

Ok I figured I’d post about the after parties too, because most of the outfits I saw I did NOT love…really? have fun, but still look good people!

ohmigosh I want to hurl. I know it’s Madonna, but it doesn’t make it ok. Yeah she looks better than when Britney did something like this, but still…just say no.

Jessica Biel
I thought she looked really good. I just liked this dress. Nothing bad to say.

Emma Stone
This picture she looks cute in…but I don’t like her dress. And in the next one…she does not. Plus you can see more of the dress. I hate the weird train thing it has on the back and it’s just too busy or something.

Heidi Klum
I think I would like this if it was a short dress. But it’s too much as a long dress.


Cameron Diaz
This is ok, but I don’t love the ruffle. I like that it’s just fun though.

Gwyneth Paltrow
I thought she would have changed 🙁 I think it looks good on her though.

Selena and Biebs
They look like they’re going to prom, but I think they both look really good. Her dress is so pretty on her. I love the color against her hair.

Lea Michele
I really like this dress, but it’s heavy on her. For an after party I would have worn something shorter and more fun. I do really like her hair and make up though.

Kim Kardashian
I like this dress a lot. I think it looks really good on her. But again I think she looks too dressed up or something. I would have worn a lighter material if I was wearing a long dress.

Chace and Emma
I love this. I think she is one of the best dressed for the after parties. I love the detail.

Taylor Swift
Loved her dress. Thought it was perfect. Short and fun, glitter, shoes matched perfect….so good!

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Blues for the Room
I’m in love with this bedspread. I think this is the one that I am going to purchase for my room. I’m thinking about putting another big cream pillow and then some smaller colorful ones in front. Then I want to get maybe a different color throw for it as well. What do you think?
This is a little collage that Anthro had put together that I thought was so cute. I’m in love that the pillow, which I may purchase to go with my bed, instead of the two long blue pillows that it comes with.
I’m in love with chandeliers right now. I love this one and how it goes with the ceiling detail. I wish this room had a little more color for me, but I love how it looks altogether.
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Warning…Shallowness ahead…

I’m not sure if any of you watched 90210 this week, but there was a scene when Naomi is facebook stalking the nerdy guy she secretly likes and Silver asks her what she’s doing. Naomi replies that sometimes when she needs to boost her self esteem she looks at nerds’ profiles. While, she was lying to hide her crush, I have to admit that sometimes I do this…with a little twist.

I did warn you…

Every now and again someone from high school will pop up on my facebook that makes me feel a lot better about myself. This happened to me today. Good timing with the 92010 episode huh?

Yes this is terrible and mean, but I’m just being honest. And if I can’t be honest on my own blog, where can I be? I’m pretty sure that people who read my blog (if anyone even does…I don’t blame you if you think I’m boring or not funny) are not the people that I am talking about right now anyway. Now I don’t go looking for these people to boost my self esteem the way Naomi said she does, but when it happens that’s just sort of the result. I’m also not talking about everyone from high school. Sometimes I see people and I’m like wow they look so good, or wow I can’t believe they are in law school…never would have imagined, etc. But…there are those people that you just think ohmigoodness I sort of feel sad for you. The ones who look terrible now, but used to be super cute. Or the one you thought would be super successful, but apparently have kind of become a little bit of a loser. I’m sorry I don’t know how else to put it. However it kind of makes me feel better about myself. It also makes me secretly feel a little good when it’s someone who thought they were “it” back then. Yeah, you know who I’m talking about…the ones who peaked in high school.

Maybe I had better grades in high school, or had sports and dance that I was a part of, was the homecoming queen…etc…but I like to think that I haven’t hit the peak of my life yet. I graduated from college and I’m still figuring out my life, but I’m young. At least I haven’t already ruined it and I like to think people hopefully don’t see my pictures and go, “O she looks awful.” So…at least from what people can tell from a small facebook stalk on my profile I hope it doesn’t look that way. And I definitely hope that I’m not about to “go downhill” anytime soon, or I guess I will be eating my words.

I may be blunt and I may not sound like the nicest person right now, but you don’t have to read my blog 🙂 I know you all secretly know what I’m talking about.

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Rachel McAdams

Chick Crush Day 21
Rachel McAdams
Rachel is in some of my favorite movies (The Notebook, Mean Girls, Sherlock Holmes…etc etc right?) and I think she is a good actress, which is why she is on my list. I think she’s adorable and classy. Just love her.

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The Academy Awards
The fashion show of all awards shows…
Jennifer Lawrence
I thought she looked absolutely gorgeous. The reason I didn’t put her in my best dressed is because I don’t think I would have worn this to the Oscars. It’s just a little plain for them. I love that simpleness and sexiness though. She looks amazing. Her hair is great. She didn’t over do accessories. Loved it.

Sharon Stone
I loved the dress. I love the feathers. I thought she looked really good for her and for her age. Didn’t love her make up though. Little too dark.

Sandra Bullock
Not the best dress she’s ever worn, but I thought it was pretty on her. It was simple and I thought the color looked great. She looked a little tired.

Reese Witherspoon
O Reese, you look like a perfect Barbie. So I love it, but I don’t love it. I am however in love with her hair. Everyone compared it to the dress that Julia Roberts wore a few years ago…but I thought they were definitely different. This one did remind me of the dress Isla Fisher wears on “Confessions of a Shopaholic” when she gets confused for a waitress. Overall I thought Reese looked amazing because of her hair, makeup, and just the simpleness of the dress. It was elegant.

Michelle Williams
I love this dress. Chanel. Ahhh….sigh. However, she looks all one color kind of. I wish she had done something with her make up to stand out a little. She’s just so cute though.

Melissa Leo
I’m not sure how I feel about this dress. I like the concept. But I think I wouldn’t have put such a shiny gold behind the lace. She looked nice though.

Kelly Osbourne
Sometimes I just don’t know why she is on all these fashion shows and stuff. Her hair is yellow. I hate it. The dress is nice, but it’s so safe and it’s not a good color. It’s not really very fantastic. Wear something fun to the Oscars or gorgeous or amazing…especially if you’re judging everyone else’s choices live on tv.

Jennifer Hudson
I can’t get over how great her body looks…BUT I DON’T love this. I like the color on her, and I think the dress is pretty, but why is she wearing purple shoes with an orange dress? And why did her stylist not get her a good bra? Also…don’t like her hair…it’s all in a tight updo up front and then this weird one pony curl down the back. Not my fav.

Celine Dion
Oh wow…she looks so pretty. I loved this dress on her. It wasn’t my favorite of the night, but it’s so great for her. I love her hair too.

Amy Adams
Ok, she ruined this fabulous dress with that crazy necklace and her hair. She should have gone no necklace and hair up. Would have been perfect.

Guiliana Rancic
I loved the pattern of this dress. I thought she looked great. Maybe would have done my hair a little more loose or something, but I just think she’s the cutest.

Scarlett Johansson
I really liked this color and this dress, but from the front it didn’t look that fantastic on her. I LOVED it from the back. I’m obsessed with lace lately. I thought her hair was cute, but it didn’t really match with the dress.

Camila Alves
I’m in love with her dress. And together they both look so classic and elegant. They look amazing.

Cate Blanchett
At first I did not like this dress, but then I when she presented and was on stage I loved it. It’s like art mixed into your wardrobe. It fit her style so well. I really liked it. A lot of people didn’t. I didn’t love the back of it, but I thought she looked so good.

Worst Dressed
Florence Welch
I HATE to say this, but I had to put her on this list. Her performance dress was so much better. Anyway, I don’t know why she always does her hair like that…normally I like it, but for the Oscars I thought she would do something different. Also her dress kind of looks pioneerish. And she wore the same color dress to the grammys. At least she has her voice…Her performance was FANTASTIC!

Helena Bonham Carter
I know she never wears normal dresses, so she actually looks decent compared to a lot of her other “outfits”. BUT I can’t not put her on this list. She is just to weird for me…with the sunglasses etc…at least I didn’t post the pic with those on…

Penelope Cruz
Granted she just had a baby, so that’s not what it is…WHY would you choose this dress? You’re so gorgeous. It’s just not good. It looks cheap and her boobs look bad…I don’t know…with so many options out there, get something to mask the baby weight. And pick a better pattern.

Nicole Kidman
This is my biggest disappointment. She is usually fabulous. This makes me want to puke. It looks like cheap prom meets japanese wedding or something. Her shoes were bad too! Ugh.

Marisa Tomei
This is terrible too. It looks like a cheap prom dress. It doesn’t really even fit her either. I don’t like the cut of the top and her hair looks unfinished. I think she’s beautiful so this made me sad.

Best Dressed
I can’t pick which one I liked the most…

Mandy Moore
Ah I loved this dress. I wish her hair was a little bit softer, but overall she looks so good. I love how the glitter went down until the dress started to fan out. The color was great on her. Just thought she looked so good. LOVED her performance dress too.

Hilary Swank
Feather and Glitter! My dream! I would love to wear this! So amazing. That’s all.

Halle Berry
She looks flawless. This dress is so amazing. She has worn some kind of lame dresses lately and this one just shot them out of the water. I love the tulle at the bottom.

Gwyneth Paltrow
Ammmaaazzzzing. Loved it. Some of the stylists said it looked like “liquid metal”…it does. It looks like water or something. Her straight hair was perfect with the simple, straight dress. Not very many people could have worn this dress.

Natalie Portman
O Natalie, you always look so fantastic. She is the cutest pregnant person ever. This dress is perfect on her.

Mila Kunis
And once again Mila looks amazing too. My favorite part of this dress was the little pieces of lace here and there…especially on her chest. The details are so pretty. It fit her perfectly.

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