Is it so wrong to have expectations?

A lot of people have been telling me lately that I just shouldn’t have them anymore. On one hand I understand that because I shouldn’t set myself up, and keep getting let down, but on the other if someone meant that much to me and I to them (supposedly), shouldn’t expectations be allowed? Shouldn’t you expect them to be there for you and do nice things for you and to love you? Shouldn’t you hope that they’re going to keep their promises? Especially when you love them regardless of their faults.

Obviously I know that some people aren’t going to do these things because of selfishness or other reasons, but I don’t think that you should give up on your expectations. It’s kind of like settling.

However, I feel like William had it right…expectation can cause a great deal of heartache. Unfortunately I know this firsthand. I’m sure most people do. But I’m not going to give up on expecting to be treated well. I may not always act like it or feel like it, but I know I deserve it. I just hope that one day I find someone that is going to fulfill those expectations. Let’s be honest, they’re not that big. I’m a pretty simple girl when it comes to love.
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Hunter Rainboots

Since today is rainy, rainboots are on my mind.
These are definitely on my wishlist. I like the dark green and navy the best. But I secretly kind of like the red too!
I think they’re so cute!
Reason #1 for wanting Hunters:Keira Knightley Reason #2 for wanting Hunters: Marissa Miller

They can apparently be worn anywhere, or in the spring or winter or fall! Just so cute.
Your thoughts?
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Spring Fashion

So I thought maybe my trip to New York would satisfy my shopping needs for a while, but no…it just made me want so many more things! There are so many cute styles out there right now! I just have more to add on to Piperlime’s list now!
I bought one in New York, but now I just want all kinds of colors! I am obsessed with this one from J.Crew.
J.Crew Rodarte at Shopbop.com

Elizabeth and James at Shopbop.com

Torn by Ronny Kobo at Shopbop.com
It’s almost time for swim suits! Ah summer please come faster.
DVF at Shopbop.com

arie at ae.com

Carmon Marc Valvo at Nordstrom




White Lace/Crochet Dresses
Patterson J. Kincaid at Shopbop.com

Juicy Couture at Shopbop.com
Leather Jackets
I saw this in the Madewell Store in Soho and I’m in love with it. May have to save up a bit, but I think I will probably have to have this even though it’s going to get warm. It’s beautiful.

Open Knits/ Spring Sweaters
Perfect for Utah because it’s still cold until June!

Gold Necklaces
I’ve always loved Gold Necklaces, I probably wear one everyday, but I love the unique styles I’ve been finding lately. I just got a knotted sailor style at Madewell also…but I love these two. I kind of really like the ones with writing lately too.
Gorjana at Shopbop.com

Jennifer Meyer Jewelry at Shopbop.com


White Denim
I think white jeans are so cute this year. I haven’t tried any on yet, so I don’t know how it will look on me, but I’m hoping it’s cute cuz I’m loving it.
7 for all Mankind at Shopbop.com

Citizens of Humanity at Shopbop.com
Maxi Dresses
I want to get Maxi dresses this summer. I think they are adorable and can be really sexy too. Haha. I have a hard time finding good ones because I’m short, but I love these below!

Ella Moss at Piperlime.com

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I’m back!

I love New York!

I’m pretty sure that I want to move to NYC forever. I’m pretty sure I’m made for this city. I love walking all over the place. I love all the people. I love the hustle and bustle. I love the shopping and the fashion. The only thing I would miss is trees. But I could go to Central Park.

Ah I just had the best weekend ever! I’m so sad to be home already, but at the same time I guess I was ready at the same time. It’s always nice to be back in your own bed. I had so much fun though. I’ll post a big blog about it later with loads of pictures, but here’s a little recap because I’m already missing the city!

– Norma’s Brunch
– Times Square
– Site Seeing
– Shopping
– Union Square Cafe
– Phantom of the Opera
– Shopping in Soho
– Cafe Habana
– Empire State Building
– Dillon’s Candy Bar
– Serendipity
– Brooklyn Bridge Walk
– Shake Shack
– Soho again
– Shopping at Rockafeller Center
– Crumbs Bakery
– Sushi Samba
– Covet Lounge
– Fao Schwarz
– Friends Fountain
– Plaza Hotel
– Central Park
– Metropolitan Museum of Art
– Shake Shack again

Sushi Samba in Greenwich Village for my birthday dinner!

I’ll be posting more soon!
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New York Here I Come!

It’s here! I’m leaving for New York in a few hours! So excited!!! Shopping, site seeing, eating out! A much needed girls trip! Not to mention I get to go over my birthday! See you guys all on Monday!

I feel like I have been and will be in airports a lot lately. So much waiting, but so worth it…if only I could look this good while doing it 🙂

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Ten Day “You” Challenge – Day Ten

Day 10 – Ten Secrets
I love the book Post Secret! Too bad my secrets aren’t that fun! Well at least not the ones I would post publicly on here! I might have a few, but those would be the ones I would save to mail in for them!
1. My full name is Kristin Rose Davis.
My middle name is for my mom’s name Rosemary. I love my middle name. A lot of people hate theirs. I also love roses, possibly because of my name…or because I just think they’re gorgeous. I love the peach colored ones with the darker tips the best! And of course, who doesn’t love red roses? My dad also had a right hand ring made for me when I was 21, that looks like a vine with flowers on it. My mom got one that is a little different, but very similar so it’s kind of fun. I love it. If you ever want to make me happy, get me roses! (well any flowers would do:) )

2. I have had a lot of nicknames.
I’m not sure what it is, but I tend to get a lot of shortened versions of my name or nicknames. Maybe because Kristin, Kristina, Kristy…etc is such a common name? My dad has always called me Deebug. In high school my water polo coach nicknamed my Skeeter because I was really skinny and fast so when I swam on top of the water I looked like a little water skeeter I guess…well needless to say all of the parents and teachers etc started calling me that and it stuck. I sometimes wonder if half of the parents knew my real name. (plus there were a few Kristin-ish sounding names when I was a freshman, so I guess it worked out). Then over the course of high school and throughout college somehow multiple groups started calling me KD. Not sure why, but lots of people just do. I think that’s what most people use now. But here’s a little list of some of the other one’s I’ve had over the years.
– Skeeter
3. I have a slight case of OCD
It’s not all the time and it’s not with everything, but every now and again the perfectionist side comes out of me and I HAVE to have everything perfect. My office desk has a place for everything. Same thing with the files on my computer, etc. Then I’ll go through these cleaning phases where I just scrub and srcub or I’ll clean everything out of my closet every few months. If you walked into my room you might not know this by looking at it, but I know exactly where everything is. I’m an organizing monster!


4. I’m obsessed with the number 3
This goes along with #3 actually. I really do do things in 3’s. I’m weird. First of all 3 is my favorite number. I always pick a number with the number 3 in it somwhere. That was my number in high school. But yes, sometimes my OCD kicks in and when I do something I do it in my head 3 times. Ok, I’m creeping you guys out now.

5. I tend to think money grows on trees.
This is something I have to work on. I have a problem where sometimes I like to spend money maybe before I have it…SAVE SAVE SAVE! ugh. I wish money grew on trees…

6. I could listen to a song on repeat for hours
If I find a good song, I won’t even listen to anything else. See my addictive personality coming through? I literally will listen to it like 5 times a row in the car or just put it on repeat in my room. I’m such a weirdo.
7. I like to read my horoscope.
I’m an aries.
The Aries is guided by flashes of intuition and irresistible impulse. She is a fiery dynamo who is driven by a constant desire to forge ahead into new territories. When Aries sets her sights on a goal, it becomes an all-enveloping quest. The Aries native never gives up, but moves ever forward with an obstinate force of will. Like all fire signs, she constantly feels vital energy pulsing through her, and she must use that energy or burn up!
Aries strives for independence, and success is defined by a series of distinctive or high-reaching personal achievements. Coming in first or accomplishing the impossible are the ultimate goals. Athletes, entrepreneurs, soldiers, doctors, religious leaders, race car drivers and explorers are all associated with this sign. Aries does not fear danger, and accidents are all too common with this sign, particularly head injuries.
If the Aries seems brusque or disinterested it is because her mind is set on a goal that entirely absorbs her energy. Anything that interferes becomes an annoying distraction. Once the Aries sets her sights on someone or something, that becomes an urgent and immediate priority. If you are that goal, you can be sure that you will be showered with a love that burns as bright as the sun, and you can expect to be blessed with the greatest fire of devotion.
Does it sound me like?

8. If I could be anything in the world I would be a country singer
Big hair and all. I would love it! Or maybe a cardiothoraic surgeon…

9. I’ve only told one person “I love you” and meant it.
I have had “the talk” with people and talked about how I may be falling in love, etc…but I’ve only told one person that I loved that and really meant it. He knows who he is.

10. I still don’t really know what I’m doing with my life.
I think I’m ok with that. I’m just going along with things for now, putting myself out there, putting in applications for school, and hopefully things will all fall together the way they should. Maybe not the way I want, but eventually I will see why.

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in the stars…?

My 25th birthday is on Sunday…I will be a “quater of a century” old as I like to tease my friends when they turn 25. I like this little image because I wonder what comes next? I’m looking forward to finding out 🙂
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Janell’s Bachelorette Party

Here are a few pictures from my trip to Arizona two weekends ago for Janell’s Bachelorette Party. It was so warm and fun! We went out in downtown Tempe both nights. The first night we went to La Bocca, and the second night we went out to Caffe Boa. Both were sooo good. Then the second night we got all dressed up and went out dancing. It was really fun. I hate coming back from vacations, especially when it’s so warm and you have to go back to the cold 🙁

Anyway, Janell and Burk’s wedding is April 16! Yay! Love weddings!

This was the first night outside of La Bocca.
The beginning of second night at Cafe Boa. The rest of the night is as follows…

Brittney, Me, and Janell (the Bride to be)

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Ten Day “YOU” Challenge – Day 9

Day 9 – Nine Loves
1. Shoes
My theory is that a girl can never have too many pairs of shoes. If I’m having a rough day or week, the thing that always makes me feel better is a new pair of fabulous shoes. Why? Because shoes always fit. You’re always same size in shoes, they never make you feel fat, and they’re usually more for fun that function. I buy shoes to make an outfit. So here’s to shoes.

2. Reading
I love to read. I could spend all night reading a good book and finish it. I wish I had more time! I’m always open to good recommendations too.

3. Vacations/ Trips
Love love love traveling! Even if it’s just for a day or two and it’s only two hours away! I love to go anywhere, and as I’ve said in previous posts, I hope to get to do more of it to many more places in the future. For now I just like to go on vacations whenever I can! Going to New York tomorrow! Woo hoo!

4. My Friends
I don’t think this one needs too much explaining 🙂

5. Shopping
Not sure I need to explain this one too much either. What girl doesn’t love shopping? Retail therapy anyone? It’s fun and it’s a stress reliever. Sometimes I just like to window shop even.

6. Music
I’ve talked about this before too. I’d die without music. I listen to it all day long. I love to sing. I love to sing in the car and blast my music as loud as I want! I love to listen to soft music at night while I fall asleep. I love listening to lyrics. I love Classical music when I’m thinking. I loved playing musical instruments when I was younger and hope to pick it back up when I can have access to a piano again. I love dancing, which goes with music…etc etc. Music is a part of my every day life.

7. Dancing
I love all kinds of dancing. I’ve danced since I was three years old. Mostly ballet, but like I said I love all kinds. I love to go out and dance with my friends, or by myself in my room (yeah I’m a nerd, who cares?). I love to watch dancing tv shows, etc. Kinda a sucker for cheesy dance movies too…Step Up…WHAT UP? haha. Just love it.

8. Summer
Sun. Sand. Beach. Boating. BBQs. Pools. Flip Flops. Dresses. Swim Suits. Popsicles. I could go on forever.

9. Taking Pictures/ Photography
I probably take more pictures than anyone I know. I just love to have the memories and be able to remember everything. It’s just fun to me. I might not be the best photographer ever, but I just like to take pictures. I also just like photography in general. I like seeing what other people have “captured”.

10. My Family
These photos are all from a trip my family took to Alaska two summers ago. My Grandpa and Grandma took our whole family (cousins, aunts, uncles, etc) on a Cruise. It was so fun. I love my family so much. I’m sad I only get to see them a few times a year since they live in Cali. But let me introduce them to you, since I haven’t really done it on here before.

This is my Brother Adam. He turns 22 next week and is working for the San Bernardino County Police Department as an intern. He graduates from UCSB in JUNE and then will hopefully start the Police Academy soon. 🙂

This is Taylor. He just turned 16 and got his driver’s license! Scary! He’s a sophomore in High School, is on Varsity Soccer for the second year, and just made it to State for Speech and Debate for the second year in a row too.

This is my mom 🙂 Most people think we look exactly alike. Everywhere I go I have someone ask me if I’m a Sharp. (her maiden name). My mom is probably one of my best friends since I’ve moved away from home. We definitely still have our moments when we fight, but I talk to her all the time and I’m not sure what I’d do if I couldn’t.

This is us with my Dad. He’s a dentist and the one that has taught me all about my good taste in “older” music haha. He used to quiz me in the car about Led Zeppelin and Stix, etc…while I’m tried to teach him the difference between N’Sync and the Backstreet Boys. I’m not sure that stuck though.

The whole family :

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