i have a problem

I’m pretty sure I just spend the last week watching every possible crime show there is. I probably watched more hours of them that I worked.
For example I just watched a two hour special on the 15 most notorious women. In the top three was the woman who “Monster” was about, Aileen Wuornos. She was one of the first woman serial killers…not many of those. She was a prostitute, who used this “ability” to kill the men who were going to use her services. Anyway, it’s kind of interesting. She was sentenced to the death penalty. And she wasn’t even number one on the list. Neither was the mother who let her car drive into a lake with her two kids strapped in their carseats in that back. Or the girl who secretly carried her pregnancy to term, had the baby DURING prom, and then dumped it in a trash can and went out and enjoyed the rest of prom. What?
Then I proceeded to watch ANOTHER special on “Dating Nightmares”. This one was about girls meeting pyschos online who they think are like 19, but really they are a creepy 43 year old rapist, or a boyfriend who turns out to be a stalker and burns the new boyfriend’s house down and then shoots the girl in the head…etc you get it. And I thought I had dating nightmares. The people I date just dump me. Ok I admit, I have some stories. Maybe I’ll tell you about them sometime.
Anyway, the previous days this week I probably watched a good 40 to 50 episodes of Law and Order, CSI, Castle, and Criminal Minds. I’m just addicted…not to mention starting to have creepy dreams.
What can I say? I love them. O, and I don’t think I’ll ever date anyone online…ever.

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The Olsens

Chick Crush Day 24
Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen
I think the Olsen twins are so cute. They are always on top of fashion and they’ve made themselves pretty successful over the years. Gotta give them credit for everything they’ve done right? Plus I’m obsessed with with line ‘Elizabeth and James’.

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Taylor Swift

Chick Crush Day 23
Taylor Swift
Sometimes you have retail therapy, sometimes you have psychotherapy, and sometimes you just have Taylor Swift…
She went to Nashville to try and get people interested in signing her when she was 11. She got signed at 14. Her first single Tim McGraw was written when she was in 9th grade. She has won 2/3rds of of all of the awards that she has been nominated for and I don’t think any one else can say that.
I just love her because I love her music. I love that she writes about real experience and isn’t afraid to write about real people. She just calls people out. I think she is still sweet and innocent. She’s cute. I always have her cds on repeat in my car. Probably have all of her songs memorized. My friends and I have this joke about “Taylor Swifting” someone, when we burst into a Taylor Swift song on you out of nowhere.
But like I said, somedays you just have a day when you have to listen to Taylor to make you feel better, or to cry, or to just have a good time with your friends. Love her.

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Oscars After Parties

Ok I figured I’d post about the after parties too, because most of the outfits I saw I did NOT love…really? have fun, but still look good people!

ohmigosh I want to hurl. I know it’s Madonna, but it doesn’t make it ok. Yeah she looks better than when Britney did something like this, but still…just say no.

Jessica Biel
I thought she looked really good. I just liked this dress. Nothing bad to say.

Emma Stone
This picture she looks cute in…but I don’t like her dress. And in the next one…she does not. Plus you can see more of the dress. I hate the weird train thing it has on the back and it’s just too busy or something.

Heidi Klum
I think I would like this if it was a short dress. But it’s too much as a long dress.


Cameron Diaz
This is ok, but I don’t love the ruffle. I like that it’s just fun though.

Gwyneth Paltrow
I thought she would have changed 🙁 I think it looks good on her though.

Selena and Biebs
They look like they’re going to prom, but I think they both look really good. Her dress is so pretty on her. I love the color against her hair.

Lea Michele
I really like this dress, but it’s heavy on her. For an after party I would have worn something shorter and more fun. I do really like her hair and make up though.

Kim Kardashian
I like this dress a lot. I think it looks really good on her. But again I think she looks too dressed up or something. I would have worn a lighter material if I was wearing a long dress.

Chace and Emma
I love this. I think she is one of the best dressed for the after parties. I love the detail.

Taylor Swift
Loved her dress. Thought it was perfect. Short and fun, glitter, shoes matched perfect….so good!

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Blues for the Room
I’m in love with this bedspread. I think this is the one that I am going to purchase for my room. I’m thinking about putting another big cream pillow and then some smaller colorful ones in front. Then I want to get maybe a different color throw for it as well. What do you think?
This is a little collage that Anthro had put together that I thought was so cute. I’m in love that the pillow, which I may purchase to go with my bed, instead of the two long blue pillows that it comes with.
I’m in love with chandeliers right now. I love this one and how it goes with the ceiling detail. I wish this room had a little more color for me, but I love how it looks altogether.
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