7 Ways to Boost Your Energy

I feel like I’m constantly searching for more energy, especially around this busy time of year because so much is going on. Here are a few ways to help out!
1. Exercise
– It’s the perfect jump start to your day. It boots your brain activity and metabolism. Studies show that working out before breakfast may burn more fat than exercising after you eat.

2. Eat Breakfast
– It will fuel your entire day. It starts your metabolism and keeps it going all day. Oatmeal with nuts and fruit or a scrambled egg with veggies are great combos – packed with protein and fiber to keep you full.
3. Try 5 Mini- Meals a Day
– To keep your metabolism going, opt for three balanced meals and two small snacks in between. Eat every 3 to 4 hours.
4. Drink Lots of Water
– Mild dehydration can lead to fatigue, so drink whenever you’re thirsty. It’s a sign your body needs more water.

5. Get the Right Vitamins
– Good nutrition can help beat fatigue. Get B12 from salmon or lean beef and B6 from bananas, turkey, chicken breast, whole grains, and tuna.
6. Sleep Enough
– You need 7 to 8 hours a night. To get the best rest, “create a routine”, avoid eating too close to bedtime, and wake up at the same time every morning.

7. Go Outside
-To fight an afternoon slump, take a fifteen minute walk after lunch. Exposure to bright light can increase alertness.

Other Tips:
Take a breathing break! Sit up straight in your chair, inhale for 4 counts, hold for 2, then exhale for 4 and hold for 2. Repeat 10 times. It will get your blood flowing.
Up your mood by talking to friends or listening to your favorite music.
– Sniff an energizing scent. Jasmine, peppermint, and citrus are known to be great boosts!

* found in People StyleWatch Magazine
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Ten Letters to the World

Dear Prince Harry,
I do not find you attractive. I’m not sure why everyone else keeps talking about you like it’s so great that you’re still single. “Don’t worry, Harry’s still single.” Gag me. You are a ginger and not cute.


Dear Anthropologie, Nordstrom, and Piperlime,
Please stop having sales. My checking account and credit card still have not recovered from New York back in March. Plus I’m going to be a starving student again soon. And I have a shopping addiction that I need to find some kind of solution for.


Dear hair,
Please start growing. I wish you were long and flowy.

Dear body,
I’m sorry that one week I am so hard on you at the gym and wreck you on mountain bike rides, with tennis serves, and Lori’s power pump class in an effort to be more active, and then next I decide to be lazy and stuff you with all kinds of food. I will try to be more consistant all around.

Also on that note,
Dear Gym,
I’m going to try and visit you more. I’m kind of being a bad friend that lies and says I’m going to come visit you and then ditches you for my cooler friends, tv and bed. But I miss you and it’s summer, so we’re going to hang out more.

Dear Miranda Lambert,
If you were going to steal my boyfriend, Blake Shelton, at least you could have worn a cuter wedding dress. Usually I like you, but right now we’re fighting.


Dear Chedder-Jalapeno Cheetos,
Stop staring at me everytime I walk past you at the gas station. Yes, you are deliciously spicy and cheesy, but you also make my thighs jiggle and I do not have time for you right now. Plus you kind of look disgusting on paper.


Dear Weather in Utah,
I hate you. Period.

Dear Kelly Osbourne,
You are one lucky Biotch. I do not understand why you are on Fashion Police. You do not have cute style. Your hair is terrible. And you’re not very funny. How you got that job and have kept it I will never know.

Dear I-15,
You’re the worst part of my day. At some point in the day I get stuck somewhere on you and you make me late or it takes 4 times longer than it should for me to get somewhere. Really? I live in Utah, not Southern California. Can we please get this construction sped up a little bit? Thanks.

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So I’m supposed to be training for a triathlon at the end of May. I’m hoping that I look like this when I’m done.

Haha, jk. 1. That’s not enough time. 2. My body would just never look like that. 3. That’s almost just too buff for me.
I think I’ll try more for this…

Haha again…I wish. At least it’s a goal 🙂
Anyway, so I’m going to do a triathlon at the end of May. (that’s the plan as of right now anyway). I think I’m also going to do the mud run at the beginning of June too. I’m really excited and glad that I have something to push me to work out more. Hopefully I’ll look like I’m more in shape too.
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Pump it Up!

I finally have a gym pass again!

Gold’s was doing this great deal, no money down, free training session, first month free…blah blah blah…and it’s been way too long since I’ve been able to watch my tv shows while running on a treadmill (ok maybe briskly walking if it’s a really good show), go to kickboxing or power pump, or even lift what weights my pathetic little arms can handle. I’ve been forced to do Jillian Michael’s in my room, which I do recommend. It’s a freaking good workout! Needless to say, I just miss the gym. And it’s January! Resolutions DUH!

So I’m officially making myself become a gym rat.
My inspiration would be the Victoria Secret Fashion Show (see below). Forgive me when I look like her. 🙂 haha at least that would be my goal. I love her.

Erin Heatherton
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