Janelle’s Wedding

My dear friends…this is one of my best friends ever, Janelle Foster. We have been friends basically since I can remember. I think this is us in second grade.

A few weeks ago I was able to attend her wedding in my hometown, Redlands, CA. Look how gorgeous and happy she is! I love her to death! Congrats Janelle and Chris!

It was also especially fun because a lot of my college friends were able to get together, because Janelle and I also went to college together.

Heather, me, Brooke, Holly, and Jess.

Here’s a big collage of photos from Janelle’s cute wedding reception! Her mom and her put everything together and did all of the decorations! So cute!

What I Wore: 

Dress – Anthropologie; Necklace – Forever21 (it broke, but I fixed it!); Shoes – Steve Madden; Watch – Michael Kors.

With Heather…who also caught the bouquet! Woot Woot!!!! Up next?

So fun to have all these ladies stay at my house for the weekend! I miss you all so much! And so good to see everyone else there!!! Congrats again to Chris and Janelle! You deserve the best and I love you!!!

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Kristin’s Photoaday – Middle of July

Cali 🙂

Sweater – American Eagle; Necklace – Chris Nations.

Skirt – Forever 21; Shoes – Steve Madden

I like the sound of this.

The cutest little bobby pins you ever saw.

One of Myleka’s magnificent hair-do’s.

My little brother, Taylor, visiting in Utah. He ate 18 “wild hot” wings at Buffalo Wild Wings. Milk was needed.

Beach Day in Cali

Sandals and Sand

The house we all stayed at for Rachel’s Birthday weekend. I should have taken more photos inside…adorable.

The girls went to Serenity Spa at the Westgate in Park City for Rachel’s birthday. It was fabulous.

Porch Swing

*you can follow my instagram @kristinrosedavis

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Janelle’s Mini-Bachelorette Party

One of my best and oldest (by oldest, I mean the length of time I have known her) was getting married last weekend, most of the girls from the dorms and a few others were able to finally get together! Heather and I came down to my hometown of Redlands, CA, (because that is where Janelle is from too!) and met up with everyone on Friday night for a small “mini-bachelorette” for Janelle!

We just went to BJ’s for dinner, dessert, and gifts. It was one of Janelle and I’s favorite places to go in high school and we love the pazooki there! Plus, none of us had been able to get together for a shower or gifts before this, so we thought we had to at least do something!

Here are the ones who could make dinner! Janelle, Brooke, Holly, me, and Heather.

just opening some fun surprises…:)

Apparently coral was a popular choice.

What I Wore: Necklace – Anthropologie; Tank – Forever21; Skirt – Ann Taylor; Shoes – Steve Madden.

My BFF: Janelle Foster…soon to be Mrs. Janelle Hair. (well I guess she is now) We’ve been great friends since we were in Elementary School all the way up to going to College together until now. I love her to death! So happy for her!!!

Also, I decided to throw in this random photo, because my brother was cracking me up at home…

Apparently this gun is real…I thought it looked fake. It was so heavy!

Kristin: I don’t know what to do with it.

Adam: What are you doing? Kristin, hold it like you wanna kill someone! Give it to me, I’ll show you.

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What I Wore – Fourth of July Outfits

I love to dress up for holidays…When I’m old and a Grandma I’m totally going to be one of those crazy ladies who wears the patriotic or festive holiday sweaters even when it’s 102 degrees outside (at least it will work for Christmas right?) Whatever, I like to dress up. I think it’s fun. 

So here are my Fourth of July outfits from the past few days. The first is what I wore to work on the third.

Shirt – J.Crew; Pants – Forever 21; Earrings – Anthropologie; Bracelets – J.Crew; Ring – Banana (firecracker ring); Shoes – Hinge

Then for our BBQ that night I switched it up to some shorts and sandals…it was just too hot to be in pants.

Shorts – J.Crew; Sandals – Urban Outfitters.

And for the 4th!

Shirt – Victoria Secret; Bracelets – J.Crew; Necklaces – Dogeared and Aerie; Shorts – American Eagle; Shoes – Vans.

I hope everyone had a great 4th of July!!!

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Kristin’s Photoaday – End of June

June is over! So here are some of my everyday photos since I have decided to do my own sort of photoaday thing. This is my life!

An outfit I wore the other day…blouse from forever21.

Playing with my editing tools…Let Down Your Hair

I think I’m even more obsessed with J.Crew right now than Anthropologie…weird I know. I was begging my mom to buy me some presents. How can you not be satisfied with a message like this?

The loot.

Speaking of J.Crew, I was at a friends house and we all look down at our phones…you know you’re friends when you all have J.Crew phone covers right?

I have finally been getting furniture…yeah I’m 26, time to get cracking maybe? This is my dining table/kitchen table. I need a center piece!

New side tables…

…and my favorite! New couches!!!

I also when to country jam recently…more pictures to follow (I’m so behind)

I made this necklace out of my mom’s old charms.

Mini cowboy.

Another outit…blouse and jeans from Modbod. Shoes: seychelles.

I finally got Hipstamatic…I don’t know why I didn’t have it before…so here I am testing it out. Don’t worry that I look like a zombie. Peace.

Lashes! If anyone in the Utah county or even Salt Lake area needs to know where to go I know a fabulous girl!

*you can follow me on instagram @kristinrosedavis

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Pink and Leopard + a hair tutorial!

I guess I just wanted to go for bright colors with this outfit 🙂 These are some of my favorite pants (I have them in two colors! because I love the color and they’re sooo comfortable), and what better way to top it off than with animal print!

Of course this is an Anthropologie neckace…they have the cutest jewelry right now. It’s all so bright and fun to mix and match with.

Top -J.Crew; Pants – Anthropologie; Necklace – Anthropologie; Watch – Michael Kors; Earrings – Anthropologie; Shoes – Steve Madden.

Another super simple way to do your hair or summer:

All you do is:

– curl your hair…as tight or loose as you want.

– twist pieces starting at the top (next to your part) to the back, gathering hair as you go. do this on each side.

– then clip your hair in the back. if you use an elastic it will probably come loose or fall out. a clip secures it a little bit better.

– i did it in a low pony, but you could do it as high or low as you want!

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Harem Pants – Forever 21 Gold and Black

I bought these pants a couple months ago because I thought they were so fun and comfy, but then I got super nervous to wear them because the harem pant trend scared me! I thought these ones were great, because they aren’t too baggy and the print is not out of control, plus getting them at Forever 21 you’re never spending too much money. I think that certain styles of them are adorable, but some of them are hideous and I definitely think it depends on how you wear them. So I went the safe route and just wore them with a plain tee. How do you think I did? I got the approval from my trusted style friend, but I thought I would reach out to my readers! yay or nay?!?

I think I like them a lot! I hope I’m not wrong!

Pants – Forever 21; Shirt – Urban Outfitters Tee; Shoes – Sam Edelman; Watch – Michael Kors; Necklace – J.Crew Elephant Critter; Bracelet – Forever 21; Earrings – American Eagle

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Cara’s Birthday

Recently, my friend, Cara, had her birthday! A bunch of us went to Malawai’s Pizza at the Riverwoods (so good!) to celebrate! I’m pretty sure I stuffed myself silly. Afterwards, a few of the girls went over to her parents theatre to watch Clueless. I haven’t seen that move in so long, but you gotta love Cher. You need to sit down and watch it again, because there were so many funny lines that I had forgotten about. 

Happy Birthday CARA!

Leah, Cara, Me, Jenn, Aislinn

Cara and I

I just wanted to talk about Cara’s outfit because I’m obsessed with it. This is that Rebecca Minkoff purse that I talked about in the post I did recently. Shirt: Anthro. Necklace: Anthro. Shoes: Fergie

My outfit: Shirt: Anthro. Jeans: American Eagle. Shoes: Forever21. Necklace: Nordstrom (BP)

Aislinn, Me, Jessica, Cara, Jenn

Love those outfits 🙂

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Vegas Vacation and Florence

A couple weekends ago, a few of my friends and I headed down to Vegas for a sunny getaway to see Florence and the Machine at the Cosmopolitan. Seriously one of the most fun weekends I’ve had in a while. Sun, shopping, food, and Florence. Yes please!

It was soooo hot! We had to sit in the water to lay out, but it was great. We got so tan, which was the point! 

We spent a lot of time shopping…duh we were in Vegas! You have to seize the opportunity right? Just a little pic of some of my favs at Topshop. 

This is what I wore to go out Friday night. A neon top and black faux leather leggings. A fun Vegas outfit if you ask me. (Top – Nordstrom, Leggings – Kohl’s, Shoes – Steven by Steve Madden, Necklace – JMR)

The Forum shops at Ceasar’s are open til 12 on weekends…so yeah…we shopped til about 12. We took a little break to eat  at Max Brenner’s which is one of my favorites, and then finished up and just headed back to our hotel (the Trump) because we were so tired!

Fuzzy pic at Max Brenner’s

Nike’s bright shoe collection…LOVE!!!

Saturday we spent most of the day at the pool, shopped a bit, and got ready for the concert!

We ate at my absolute favorite place…Sushi Sambi!!!! AMAZING!!! If you go to Vegas, please make sure that this place is on your list. 

Ais and I made a little stop at Vicki Sec’s 

Palazzo Waterfall after dinner!

My outfit – Top: Ann Taylor, Shorts: Forever 21, Shoes: Sam Edleman, Necklace: Forever 21

Main purpose of the night (and trip)…FLORENCE!!! Ohmigosh, I cannot even tell you how amazing this concert was. I have been obsessed with her for a while, but she blew me away in person. The concert was a the Cosmopolitan’s pool, and we were soooo close to her. She played so many good songs and her outfit was to die for. I am seriously in love with her. She is soooooooo good in person. I wanted to go see her again right after. Some people are not very good live, but her voice is better live, I swear. She is so genuine and just amazing. You are missing out if you don’t take the chance to attend a concert in your lifetime. 

Just some shopping before heading home…after the pool of course 🙂

Trump chandeliers…so pretty. (I really like staying at the Trump…it almost doesn’t feel like Vegas because there is not casino so it doesn’t have that yucky feeling.)

Successful, relaxing trip!


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