Tribal Print Top and Carriage shots

This weekend we went up to The Homestead in Midway to shoot some photos for Jake’s Carriage business and I got some of my own in while I was there! It was so pretty and the leaves were starting to change in the mountains. I love the falls colors!  It was such a fun day because our friend, Brit came up to take the photos and our friends Taylor and Devan came up to pose for us!

Top – BB Dakota; Jeans – Gap; Boots – Frye; Necklace – Madewell (old); Watch – Michael Kors (similar here); Earrings  – Forever 21; Bracelets – BP at Nordstorm (old)

So to answer some people’s questions about what in the world we were doing…Jake has had a Carriage business for a while, but he is trying to build it. He does weddings with the carriage (or other events) and funerals with his other equipment. We are doing a wedding expo soon, so our friend Britney was doing some promo photos and a video for us. It was so fun to shoot the horses and our friends! I helped Jake get it all together and I think they are going to turn out great. Jake’s company is “Double Tree Carriage” if you ever want to hire a Carriage for anything and Brittney does amazing photos and video if you ever need a photo or videographer for anything! I highly recommend her!  (You can find her on facebook right now…Brittney Johnson!)

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What I Wore: Riding Leggings and Boots

I saw these leggings at Forever 21 the other day, I was was debating on buying them because I keep seeing this style all over the place and I think it’s really cute, but I couldn’t tell if it would be hard to find things to wear with them. They were only $13 and were so comfy, so my mind was already made up. As soon as I got them home I decided you can basically wear them with everything! Blouses, tees, sweaters…plus the colors are super easy to match. So I have officially decided that my purchase was validated and I’m so happy! They’re also a thick legging so you don’t have to worry about them getting holes or being see-through!

Top – Splendid; Pants/Leggings – Forever 21; Boots – Frye (old); Earrings – Forever 21 (similar here); Bracelets – Anthropologie, Baublebar; Watch – Michael Kors (old -similar here); Ring – Michael Kors; Bag- LAMB (from this winter).

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Ann Taylor: Bright Pink Top and Scribble Pants

So I decided to dress up for work finally, and barely got anything done today! So much for that, right? Our computer system was down most of the day so it wasn’t my fault! At least I feel like I looked the part. 🙂

Ann Taylor has some really cute pieces for work apparel right now, and you can totally turn them into casual wear or “going-out” outfits with just a few little adjustments.

So here is my bright work attire for the day! It was so windy outside and I felt it fitting to take pictures in my office anyway. (Sorry for the mess, we’re moving offices soon!)

Top – Ann Taylor; Pants – Ann Taylor; Shoes – Michael Kors (old); Bracelet – Anthropologie; Earrings – Anthropologie; Watch – Michael Kors (old); Bag – Marc by Marc Jacobs.

Ahhh windy hair!!!

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What I Wore: Hearts on a Skirt and a Fun Braid

I think this is my favorite way to do my hair lately. The braid keeps all of my hair off the front of my hair in a functional, but cute way, and the messy bun keeps things casual so I can wear it anywhere…to the pool, out with friends, or even the office.

I like this outfit because it’s also casual and cute, but it’s dressy enough that I could wear it to church or an office if I have to dress up for the day (my office is pretty casual so I don’t really have to dress up there though).

What I Wore:

Shirt – Urban Outfitters Tee; Skirt – J.Crew; Shoes – Sam Edelman; Earrings – Forever 21; Watch – Timex

I almost think the earrings are my favorite part! They are total Forever 21 cheapies, but they’re clip-ons! And they remind me of some sort of grandma antiques or something. I wish they were real! I still love them anyway.

Super short tutorial! 

Start braid on one side of your head (next to your ear), and go across the front part of your hair in a french braid and pin on one side, if you want. I just pull it back into the pony. Then gather hair into a messy braid and you’re done! Message me on the facebook page or twitter if you have any questions!

XO, Kristin!

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Kristin’s Photoaday – Middle of August

Sorry for the long post – I’m a little overdue!

Arm Party! #Anthro #BaubleBar #JCrew


Bunco night with the girls from the office.

Got my K back! #nashelle

Was definitely supposed to be runnng a 10K this day, but decided to chow down on this instead…I think I made a good decision?

So then I thought about it and decided to get back on track…my workout schedule to I can train for a half marathon. #goodluck

My baubles have arrived! Love baublebar!

He volunteered. He literally  entertained himself “scrubbing” the drain plug for a good twenty minutes and then asked if he could mop. #childlabor

What I Wore:

Top – j.crew; Jeans – forever21; Shoes – Steve Madden; Bracelets – Anthropologie.

Getting my hair done…some of my favorite days of the year 🙂

Do I need to say anything here?

Swimming with Heather and Brooke!

baby shoes

BBQ with Kale

‘Birds of a Feather’ (Top from Forever21

The many faces of Kale…he likes to model my jewelry and asks to be photographed…”which one is the handsomest?”…”now take one like this.”…”now I will take one of you and make you looks pretty.”

Loving this song. Loving this album.

Hot Stone Massage while Pedicuring.

Just a nice walk up the canyon.

Ready for a birthday party with Ironman.

*You can follow me on Instagram at kristinrosedavis

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Chicago Trip – Day 3

Today was a little bit more relaxing, but we still did quite a bit. We had to get a up pretty early, because we were switching hotels, from the Marriott to this really cute place on the north end called Hotel Indigo, (there are pictures below). Then we walked around and got brunch.

After brunch we walked around the north end, which has sooo many cute houses and apartments. I would die to live there. I loved it. Then we went down to the shoreline and walked along it until we got to Lincoln Park, where the zoo is.

Lincoln Park

At the Lincoln Park Zoo

So this is Hotel Indigo…Apparently I wore the exact same print as the pillows.

What I Wore:

Shirt – Aerie; Shorts – Gap; Necklace – Banana Republic; Shoes – DV by Dolce Vita

  • How cute is this room? Ohmigosh I’m so obsessed with it! I love the wallpaper! I kind of wish we had just stayed here the whole time!
  • Second game!
  • Don’t worry that this could be the worst picture I have ever taken, but we just love the Cubby bear.
  • Yes, apparently I am a tigers fan…yay!
  • TIGERS WIN!!!!
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Chicago Trip – Day 2

I think this day was by far the busiest day we had. It was all so great though. It’s just so hard to fit everything that you want to do in when you only have a few days and especially when you have never been somewhere before and you just want to do everything! I recommend all of the things we did this day! We got up super early and went until probably 1 a.m. I was exhausted by the end of the night! So worth it!

First, we went downtown by Michigan Avenue where a lot of the site seeing is. This is just me standing with a lot of the older skyscrapers in the background.

Standing in front of Buckingham Fountain.

Jake in front of the fountain with the skyscrapers in the back.

Jake at Bears Stadium…well I don’t know what it’s called, but it’s where they play 🙂

Shedd Aquarium. This was actually one of my favorite things of the trip because I love marine and “aquatic” animals. They had a lot of animals there. The dolphins swimming everywhere and they had a bunch of Beluga whales. The otters and the penquins were the cutest. They also had one of those Shark things you could walk under. I almost felt like I was back home at Sea World 🙂

Back at Buckingham fountain with the water on…so pretty!

Millenium Park. They have live music there every day during the summer.

The BEAN! Actually this is called Cloud’s Gate, which I only knew because I read about it before hand. I always pictured it to be so shiny, which it was, but it was covered in fingerprints! I don’t know why I didn’t expect that with everyone touching it all the time. I just thought it was funny. But I have always wanted to see it and take a picture there. Check!

On the riverwalk.

What I Wore:

Top – Anthropologie; Shorts – American Eagle Outfitters; Shoes – Toms (best shoes to walk in!); Bag – Marc by Marc Jacobs.

The Purple Pig, off of Michigan Avenue. This had to be my favorite restaurant of the trip (thanks Hailey and Courtney for telling me about this!) It’s kind of just hiding in the corner, but you have to go and eat on the patio. Ohmigoodness it was sooo good! I wanted to order everything! This is a must go!

They have a bunch of schemers (I wish I could have tried more of them); we got the cucumber and feta with bread and I downed it! Then we got the greek tuna, muscles, and artichokes. It’s kind of a tapas place, which I love because then you can get a little bit of everything. The muscles were the best I had ever tried! It seems like I’m exaggerating…I’m not. I would go there every week if I didn’t live hours away.

Riding the subway out to Wrigley Field for our first game of the week! O and don’t worry, we stopped and got wings too…Wrigleyville (as they call it – the blocks all around the stadium) has tons of places to go hang out and eat for miles it seems. Such great food down that way also! More bar type food, pizza, and game type food, but still great. We got ten wings for like $2.00!

Cubs vs. Tigers at Wrigley Field

Cubby Bear! (yes I am fully aware of the creeper behind me)

After the game the subway is waaaay too packed to get right on, so we decided to go hang out for a while. We went shopping for a little and then went and listened to a local band at Cubby’s. So fun!

If you go to Chicago, you have to go to a baseball game! Wrigley Field is such an amazing stadium because it’s one of the few older ones left! It’s really cool to see. Get yourself some nachos and enjoy a game!

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What I Wore – Green Anthropologie Florals!

Last night I went to my cousin, Matt’s, wedding. I always love an excuse to dress up, right? Right! Plus, summer is going to be over soon and I have to use every excuse to wear white lace and bright florals!

What I Wore:

Top – Anthropologie; Skirt – Anthropologie; Necklace – J.Crew; Watch – Michael Kors; Rings – Banana Republic and Custom made from my dad; Earrings – Banana Republic; Shoes – Steve Madden.

*See previous post for braided bun hair tutorial!

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Kristin’s Photoaday – End of July to the Start of August

Aislinn’s Birthday Dinner at Happy Sumo!

What I Wore:

Earrings – Anthropologie; Shirt – J.Crew; Pants – ModBod. Bobby Pins – JaneTran from Anthropologie.

Fun hair idea with bobby pins and braided bun

Weird find of the day…metal moose? any one looking to redecorate?

Another sushi night with my co-workers!

Need to remember this when my life gets stressful.

What I Wore:

Skirt – J.Crew; Bracelets – J.Crew and Anthropolovie; Shoes – Kelsi Dagger.

Go USA! Women’s team gymnastics final! Celebrating their win!

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