Which Watch?

I want a new watch.
I think I want to get a gold or rose gold one.
I already have this tortoise watch, which I love. Michael Kors are probably my favorite watches.

My roommate has this bone colored watch. I love this one too.

Rose Gold
These are some of the rose gold watches that I’m debating about.

These two are going on sale for the Anniversary Sale at Nordstrom, but I’m not sure how I feel about all of the diamonds on the first one.

I think if I get a gold one, I will get a bigger one that looks almost like a men’s watch. I like that style.

I don’t think I will end up getting white, but here are a couple I liked.

*you can get all of these at Nordstrom.

Which one do you like the best?
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rewarded myself

Today I took the first test that I have taken since I graduated from BYU, which was about two and a half years ago.
I am back in school, for those of you who don’t know. I am taking a few pre-req classes for nursing. Apparently taking “pre-med” at BYU does not prepare you for nursing school. So…I have my application almost ready and am finishing up some classes. I can get accepted on a conditional basis, provided that I pass the classes that I need. (So cross your fingers for me!)
Anyway, I am in Chemistry again. My arch-nemesis from undergrad. Ugh. Anyway, this class is way easy, because I’m just taking it online at SLCC. (well I hope it’s easy….so far it seems to be). But I am back to studying, and today I had a test. Which took me back to scantrons, pencils (I honestly don’t remember the last time I used one…sad), and feeling incredibly self-conscious because I’ve had a cold and I’m sitting there sniffling and feeling super noisy in that uncannily quiet testing center. I hate being that person!

All said and done, I think I did really well. The scores won’t be posted until tomorrow…it’s driving me nuts to not know! So…being me, and being in Salt Lake…I went to Anthro to reward myself….with this necklace. So cute right? (haha, let’s just hope I’m not too early in my celebration! Let’s be honest, it’s the first time I’ve walked out of the college chem test feeling remotely good about it. That in itself deserves a reward 🙂 ) Ok maybe that’s just my excuse. Maybe next midterm, I’ll reward myself with the bedding that just went on sale!

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monday deals

By now you all know that I have a bad shopping habit. But I got some great deals today because I had to go to Salt Lake for some errands! I just have to share them with you all! I feel so thrifty! (ok if I was thrifty I would probably not be spending money, but I got everything on sale, and I’ve been wanting these things for so long!
1. The Gifting Charms Necklace
from Banana Republic
normally $29.50, but I got it 40%, and then another 20% off that! woo hoo!
Plus is says “xoxo”, makes me feel like Gossip Girl 🙂
2. Washi Wrap Skirt
from Anthropologie
on sale for $49.95
3. Khari Bluewing Pillow
from Anthropologie
on sale for $49.95
for the bedding that I haven’t bought yet, but it matches perfectly! 🙂

front and then the back
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Jewelry Finds

I am a fiend for simple jewelry! I love it. Here are some of my favorite finds! The first three I found on Etsy, and the last two I found through pinterest.com.

Luck Necklace by BeauandStella at Etsy
found here

Endless Knot, by echoandwild at Etsy
found here

Personalized Name Band by Monkiesalwayslook at Etsy
found here

Dragonfly Wing Ring by JesseDanger at Etsy
found here

Aldine Band by Bario-Neal
found here
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Sarah Chloe

Today I came across a great little find. Sarah Chloe Jewelry.
I have been wanting a signet ring for a while, and I finally found somewhere that has them and isn’t outrageously expensive. I love this collection. You can pick with color (gold, silver, rose gold) and then how you want the script to look and if you want an initial, name, word, or all 3 initials. I think I may be ordering from here soon. All of it can be found at www.sarahchloe.com.

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Spring Fashion

So I thought maybe my trip to New York would satisfy my shopping needs for a while, but no…it just made me want so many more things! There are so many cute styles out there right now! I just have more to add on to Piperlime’s list now!
I bought one in New York, but now I just want all kinds of colors! I am obsessed with this one from J.Crew.
J.Crew Rodarte at Shopbop.com

Elizabeth and James at Shopbop.com

Torn by Ronny Kobo at Shopbop.com
It’s almost time for swim suits! Ah summer please come faster.
DVF at Shopbop.com

arie at ae.com

Carmon Marc Valvo at Nordstrom




White Lace/Crochet Dresses
Patterson J. Kincaid at Shopbop.com

Juicy Couture at Shopbop.com
Leather Jackets
I saw this in the Madewell Store in Soho and I’m in love with it. May have to save up a bit, but I think I will probably have to have this even though it’s going to get warm. It’s beautiful.

Open Knits/ Spring Sweaters
Perfect for Utah because it’s still cold until June!

Gold Necklaces
I’ve always loved Gold Necklaces, I probably wear one everyday, but I love the unique styles I’ve been finding lately. I just got a knotted sailor style at Madewell also…but I love these two. I kind of really like the ones with writing lately too.
Gorjana at Shopbop.com

Jennifer Meyer Jewelry at Shopbop.com


White Denim
I think white jeans are so cute this year. I haven’t tried any on yet, so I don’t know how it will look on me, but I’m hoping it’s cute cuz I’m loving it.
7 for all Mankind at Shopbop.com

Citizens of Humanity at Shopbop.com
Maxi Dresses
I want to get Maxi dresses this summer. I think they are adorable and can be really sexy too. Haha. I have a hard time finding good ones because I’m short, but I love these below!

Ella Moss at Piperlime.com

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Piperlime’s Top Ten Trend’s

I don’t profess to be a fashion guru…I’m most definitely not. I just wish I was. 🙂 Sometimes I like to try and follow trends, but mostly I just wear whatever I think is cute at the time.
Today I got an email from Piperlime with the Top Ten Trends right now. I loved everything! So I thought I’d just do a little post about them. The only thing I would add would be a good leather bag! So here are the fun fashion trends for spring, and then some of my favorites picks for each one. What are some of yours?
1. Colorful Dresses

By “Tibi” at shopbop.com

By “Splendid” at Nordstrom

By “Diane von Furstenburg” at shopbop.com

2. Espadrilles

By “Stuart Wietzman” at Nordstrom

By “Tory Burch” at shopbop.com


3. Wide-Leg Jeans

“Citizens of Humanity” – Nordstrom, Piperlime, Shopbop

4. Feminine Sandals

By “Rock and Republic” at revolveclothing.com

By “Vince Camuto” at Piperlime and Nordstrom

By “Jimmy Choo” at Nordstrom

5. Bold Prints

By “Joie” at Piperlime


By “Nicole Miller” at Nordstrom

6. Wedges

By “Mea Shadow” at Piperlime

By “Diane Von Furstenburg” at Nordstrom

7. Ladylike Jackets

By “Aryn K.” at Piperlime

By “Elizabeth and James” at Piperlime

8. Crochet


By “Free People” at Piperlime

By “Free People” at Nordstrom

9. Wrist Candy

By “Michael by Michael Kors” at Nordstrom



10. Drapey Shorts

By “RD Style” at Piperlime
By “Myne” at Piperlime
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