Olivia’s Apartment

Thought I might as well post about Olivia Palermo’s apartment today too. I am so incredibly jealous of her view! Ah how would it be to have that much money in New York? Haha. I like that it’s so light because of all the windows and the furniture goes with it too. I love big lit rooms like that. So cute. I’m also insanely jealous of her closet as well. What is in it and the size. One day right? A girl can dream…

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furniture find

I love unique pieces like this. I want to find something like this for my future home. I love how they put all the frames together too. I have a cluster of frames on my wall like this and I love it. Reminds me of good times everyday. I think it’s a good way to bring life to a room.

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Ten Day “YOU” Challenge – Day 7

Day 7 – Seven Wants
I mostly just want to be happy, but these are some fun things to maybe have along the way.

1. Basically the entire J.Crew Spring collection

2. Swim with a dolphin, ride an elephant, and see a tiger in the wild

3. To be a nurse practitioner or anesthetist (which one, is going to depend on when I get done with nursing)

4. A closet full of Loubotins

5. To have a gorgeous home that I get to decorate however I want! I love interior decorating.
I’m obsessed with this room. I love the bedspread.
I love the staircase on this one.
6. To travel all over the place. (see my last post.)

7. To eventually get married to someone who loves me more than anything and have cute little babies.

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Damask Wallpaper

I want to do one room in my house with this wallpaper. I love it. It kind of puts a vintage, glamourous feel, depending on how you do the rest of the decorating. Here are a bunch of different ways to use it.

I love this, because it’s just a tiny little bit of it, and then they matched the curtains to it.

This is probably one of my favorite color schemes for it. (I really like the black and white too)

A lot of people are starting to use wallpaper only on the ceiling for a different effect.

Obsessed with this mirror. But I love the way the mirror looks contrasting on the wallpaper.

I like that this isn’t actual wallpaper, but they used the pattern on windows to make it look like it. It has the same idea.

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I’m obsessed with these two staircases. I would love to have these in my future home. They add so much character to the room and they’re like a centerpiece or a work of art. You could style the rest of the room around them.

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Blues for the Room
I’m in love with this bedspread. I think this is the one that I am going to purchase for my room. I’m thinking about putting another big cream pillow and then some smaller colorful ones in front. Then I want to get maybe a different color throw for it as well. What do you think?
This is a little collage that Anthro had put together that I thought was so cute. I’m in love that the pillow, which I may purchase to go with my bed, instead of the two long blue pillows that it comes with.
I’m in love with chandeliers right now. I love this one and how it goes with the ceiling detail. I wish this room had a little more color for me, but I love how it looks altogether.
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Local House

My Friend’s House
This is my friend Keri’s house. She just posted these pictures the other day, but I wanted to post them on here, because I think the decorating is so cute! I love the wall paper she used and the little chandeliers all over the place. I love the print on the couches and the desk up in the loft! Just thought I’d throw a shout out!

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