LC on CL

Had to post this because I love her hair! It’s lighter on the ends (“surfer style” as she called it) and I love the braid. She looks so cute! The was her on Chelsey Lately last night. I think I might have to do my hair this color next time I get it done. I wish I had seen this before I did mine!
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good hair day

Getting my hair done tomorrow! Finally!
I wish my hair would grow. One day maybe it will look like one of these beauties. Love them! They seriously have the best hair ever. My favorite people.

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Free Spirits

I loved these photos. I think if there was one style I wish I could pull off better it would be boho. The whole “free people” look. I love the carefree, I just do what I want and get away with it look. It’s so cute to me. It’s just fun. I may be trying more of it this summer, so if any of you see me around and I look ridiculous just tell me!

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I love braids.
I think they make hair so much more fun and look so cute. Take a look at some of my favorite hair braids.

I also love the color of Isla’s hair…makes me want to do my hair this color.

I do not know how to do this, but I would really like to learn.
image via pinterest

I do not have this much hair so I probably can’t do this, but I’m obsessed with this one.
image via pinterest
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I’m loving messy hair right now…mostly because it’s so much nicer to not have to fix your hair or worry about it being perfect. It’s always nice to get ready and have perfectly fixed hair, but it’s nice to know on the days that you don’t have time for it or feel like it, this look can fly. Plus, I think guys probably like to “see your hair down” if you know what I mean. They don’t want you to be perfect all the time anyway. The whole, I like you better in your sweats with no make-up on thing. And if they do demand perfection all the time, then I’m probably not gonna get along with “those” ones and I feel bad for the girls who end up with them. I feel like this look will probably be around for a while for that makes me happy.

image via Tiptoe
I love the messy top knot. So simple 🙂

and the messy bun in general…

and then there is just bedhead…kind of just emits a certain sexiness

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