some things i’m loving

These are some things that I have been just loving lately.

This whole outfit. I think she looks so cute.
image via pinterest

I love this whole outfit too, but mostly the clutch/purse and watch. If someone could tell me where I could find this bag I would just love you.
image via pinterest
I love this room. Not sure that I would necessarily decorate my house like this, but I just love the look of it. I REALLY like the chairs and the matching bowl on the table.
image via Glam Lamb

I wish I could get my hair to do this…sadly I don’t have enough hair.
image via pinterest

Love this quote.
via Kate

I want this nail polish…minus these nails. They are kind of a weird shape…don’t you think?
image via weheartit

Love this classic bag. I always love Kate Spade.

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LC on CL

Had to post this because I love her hair! It’s lighter on the ends (“surfer style” as she called it) and I love the braid. She looks so cute! The was her on Chelsey Lately last night. I think I might have to do my hair this color next time I get it done. I wish I had seen this before I did mine!
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good hair day

Getting my hair done tomorrow! Finally!
I wish my hair would grow. One day maybe it will look like one of these beauties. Love them! They seriously have the best hair ever. My favorite people.

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Free Spirits

I loved these photos. I think if there was one style I wish I could pull off better it would be boho. The whole “free people” look. I love the carefree, I just do what I want and get away with it look. It’s so cute to me. It’s just fun. I may be trying more of it this summer, so if any of you see me around and I look ridiculous just tell me!

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