Aliens Exist – Halloween Series

Hey mom, there’s something in the backroom
I hope it’s not the creatures from above…

Don’t worry, I’m pretty sure that a bright pink, glitter-covered alien has to be friendly right? 🙂

Ok, this is one of the coolest shoots I have gotten to do, but in a different way than usual. It’s not quite your normal dressed up fashion shoot, but it was awesome! When I asked these girls to do a Halloween shoot they said they were doing a series of Halloween costumes and I told them I wanted to do something totally different. I basically told them they could do whatever they wanted to me. Tatum (hair) was like seriously? You won’t kill me!?! I just said go for it! I’m obsessed with how it turned out! If you want an awesome look for Halloween you need to book these girls (see their links below), but do it soon because they will fill fast! Plus, visit Emmy’s Photography blog here, because they’ve already posted a few other looks and more are coming. They’re all outrageously fabulous! 

I got this bodysuit from Forplay Catalog, which pretty much has every costume you can think of! I loved this body suit, because you could use it for so many different costumes. Last year I wore one just like this for my Lisa Frank Unicorn! (see photo recently posted on instagram here for that idea as well!) It’s in their basics area, but they have tons of costumes that are totally ready to go as well. You wouldn’t have to do any extra work to them!

We are giving my readers 25% off your purchase! So get ready for halloween and use code: WILDONE25

Happy Halloween!!!

Wild One Forever - Halloween Alien 8Wild One Forever - Halloween Alien 4Wild One Forever - Halloween Alien 15Wild One Forever - Halloween Alien 9Wild One Forever - Halloween Alien 20Wild One Forever - Halloween Alien 10Wild One Forever - Halloween Alien 2Wild One Forever - Halloween Alien 19Wild One Forever - Halloween Alien 7Wild One Forever - Halloween Alien 16Wild One Forever - Halloween Alien 25Wild One Forever - Halloween Alien 24Wild One Forever - Halloween Alien 21Wild One Forever - Halloween Alien 12Wild One Forever - Halloween Alien 6Wild One Forever - Halloween Alien 3Wild One Forever - Halloween Alien 18Wild One Forever - Halloween Alien 22Wild One Forever - Halloween Alien 11Wild One Forever - Halloween Alien 26Wild One Forever - Halloween Alien 13Wild One Forever - Halloween Alien 23Wild One Forever - Halloween Alien 1Wild One Forever - Halloween Alien 14Wild One Forever - Halloween Alien 17Wild One Forever - Halloween Alien 5

Bodysuit – c/o Forplay Catalog; Contacts – Spooks Boutique

Photos: Emmy Lowe Photo

Hair: Tatum Rae Wetzel

Make Up: Jill Marie MUA

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Eva Jo Romper + Giveaway!

Today I get to introduce you to Eva Jo Rompers! They are so cute and comfy! The material is super soft and I’d wear one every day if I could! Their first line of rompers just became available and their kickstarter campaign just went live also! Check out their page to find out more and donate if you can!

Plus, there is a GIVEAWAY on my instagram (@kristinrosedavis) tonight at 7 p.m. to win your favorite romper from Eva Jo!

All you have to do to enter is:

1) Follow @evajorompers and @kristinrosedavis
2) Like the photo
+ one additional entry for every person you tag!

Good Luck! The winner will be announced on Friday! Plus, just in case you don’t win, you can get 25% off all their rompers from tonight, Monday 10/5 until Sunday 10/11 at 11:59PM! Shop at Use code: kristin25

Wild One Forever - Eva Joe Romper 10Wild One Forever - Eva Joe Romper 1Wild One Forever - Eva Joe Romper 6Wild One Forever - Eva Joe Romper 4Wild One Forever - Eva Joe Romper 9Wild One Forever - Eva Joe Romper 2Wild One Forever - Eva Joe Romper 7Wild One Forever - Eva Joe Romper 8Wild One Forever - Eva Joe Romper 5Wild One Forever - Eva Joe Romper 3Romper – c/o Eva Jo Rompers; Sandals – Steve Madden; Bag – c/o Ora Delphine; Necklace – Anthropologie (similar here); Ring – Wrenn Jewelry

Photos: Haizel Creations

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Wildfox Coca Cola

I’m still trying to hold on to summer here. Can you tell?

I love Wildfox because their clothing is so comfy. One of my guy friends told me this shirt looks like I’m wearing pjs and I was like who cares! Haha I love it anyway. I like the oversized fit and I think the graphics they have are so cute.

P.S. since it’s starting to get colder you should pick up a sweatshirt because they are literally the softest things ever! I have a bunch of them and they’re like the only brand of sweatshirt I ever want to buy now! Here are a couple that I think are so cute for this fall and winter! (Here, here, and here…o and here :))
Wild One Forever - Wildfox Coca Cola 4Wild One Forever - Wildfox Coca Cola 3Wild One Forever - Wildfox Coca Cola 6Wild One Forever - Wildfox Coca Cola 8Wild One Forever - Wildfox Coca Cola 7Wild One Forever - Wildfox Coca Cola 2Wild One Forever - Wildfox Coca Cola 5Wild One Forever - Wildfox Coca Cola 1Tee – Wildfox; Jeans – rag & bone; Sandals – Yosi Samra; Clutch – Shiraleah c/o Stitch Fix; Bracelets – Alex and Ani, Alex and Ani, Alex and Ani

Photos: Haizel Creations

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J.Crew Fall Sequins and Utah Fashion Week’s Fall Gala

Fall sequin perfection…Gah!
Wild One Forever - J.Crew Sequin Skirt 8Wild One Forever - J.Crew Sequin Skirt 10Wild One Forever - J.Crew Sequin Skirt 1Wild One Forever - J.Crew Sequin Skirt 11Wild One Forever - J.Crew Sequin Skirt 19Wild One Forever - J.Crew Sequin Skirt 18Wild One Forever - J.Crew Sequin Skirt 3Wild One Forever - J.Crew Sequin Skirt 16Wild One Forever - J.Crew Sequin Skirt 13Wild One Forever - J.Crew Sequin Skirt 6Wild One Forever - J.Crew Sequin Skirt 7Wild One Forever - J.Crew Sequin Skirt 9Wild One Forever - J.Crew Sequin Skirt 17Wild One Forever - J.Crew Sequin Skirt 4Tee – J.Crew (similar here); Skirt – J.Crew; Pumps – Schutz (similar here and here); Earrings – Anthropologie; Ring – David Yurman

Photos: Roxana B Photography

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Don’t forget to get your tickets! Fashion Week is a little different this year! Usually I’ve been involved with Provo’s Fashion Week, but this year, but this year they are including all of Utah to make it a bigger event! They are also doing a Gala for Fall to be able to promote it a little more and spread the news. It will be a black tie event, featuring a runway show, music, and hors d’oeuvres. There will also be a silent auction and the chance to win clothing, jewelry and other creations from the designers and artists. Hope to see you there.
Also, get your ticket early and get $5 off until Oct. 3 at midnight with code: KristinBlog
Get tickets here
Utah Fashion Week Fall Gala
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Free People, Zac Posen from Ditto, and JORD Watches

I wish this weather would decide what it wants to do! Two weeks ago it rained for four days and it felt like fall, and this week it’s back in the 80’s and 90’s! I got sunburnt just sitting outside on Saturday…too bad it was only on one side of my body 😛

I’ve got another fall outfit for you. Free People has got some great sweaters right now and I’m tempted to just get them all!

Make sure you take a look at this awesome watch I received from JORD Watches. Each watch is made from eco-friendly, sustainable wood and many of the collections come in multiple color schemes. The unique style of their watches is what grabbed my eye. Usually you see a normal leather band or metal, but the gorgeous wood designs are something that most people won’t have! They give a great balance between a contemporary design and a classic beauty. The watch I’m wearing is the Sidney in Red Sandalwood and Mother of Pearl. I like the feminine touch of this collection. Also, on the plus side this watch is so lightweight I also thought they forgot to put it in the box! That’s something that I like. I work at a computer A lot (for my blog and work), so having something that is lightweight makes me more likely to wear it often! 

Also, I got a second pair of sunglasses from Ditto! (Good thing, with this sunny weather still coming on strong.) I love the shape of these Zac Posen‘s! I’ve talked about Ditto before, but I just wanted to refresh your memories! It’s Endless Eyewear! A designer eyewear subscription starting at $24/month. “It’s like Netflix for your face…minus the blanket and pint of ice cream.” Why spend tons of money on sunglasses when you can try a new pair every month!? Plus, get your first month for free by using code: WILDONEFOREVER

Wild One Forever - Olive Free People Sweater 9Wild One Forever - Olive Free People Sweater 3Wild One Forever - Olive Free People Sweater 1Wild One Forever - Olive Free People Sweater 5Wild One Forever - Olive Free People Sweater 6Wild One Forever - Olive Free People Sweater 4Wild One Forever - Olive Free People Sweater 8Wild One Forever - Olive Free People Sweater 7Wild One Forever - Olive Free People Sweater 2Sweater – Free People; Jeans – rag & bone; Booties – Dolce Vita; Sunglasses – Zac Posen c/o Ditto; Watch – c/o JORD Watches; Bracelets – c/o My Pink Hanger, c/o Joyiia Jewelry, Anthropologie (old); Ring – Forever 21

Photos: Haizel Creations

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Ladies Wooden Watches

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plaid and grey

Fall is coming and I couldn’t be more excited! Mostly just because I LOVE fall clothes. In this outfit I’m transitioning a little bit, because I can’t quite get rid of sandals just yet. Plus, these ones from Free People are way on sale and a steal right now! I’m sure I’ll wear them well into Fall and all next year too.

Ms. Little’s Bag sent me this cross body/clutch. It’s the perfect size to use for either and they have it in a bunch of different colors! No doubt I will be wearing this ALL the time too!

My rings are from Wrenn Jewelry, which is all handmade! They have gorgeous matching sets or put different colors together like I did for a fun mix and match!

The necklace and earrings I am wearing came in my Rocksbox this month and I LOVE the color! I’ve been wearing a ton of grey going into fall and the druzy jewelry is perfect! They always send me the best picks and you can make a wish list off of their site or their instagram if you see pieces you love! You can get your first month free at Rocksbox, with code: KRISTINBFF149

Wild One Forever - Plaid and Grey 1Wild One Forever - Plaid and Grey 9Wild One Forever - Plaid and Grey 10Wild One Forever - Plaid and Grey 6Wild One Forever - Plaid and Grey 8Wild One Forever - Plaid and Grey 5Wild One Forever - Plaid and Grey 3Wild One Forever - Plaid and Grey 4Wild One Forever - Plaid and Grey 2Wild One Forever - Plaid and Grey 7Shirt – Treasure & Bond; Jeans – rag & bone; Sandals – Free People; Bag – c/o Ms. Little’s Bag; Necklace – Kendra Scott from Rocksbox (or here); Earrings – Perry Street from Rockbox; Rings – c/o Wrenn Jewelry, c/o Wrenn Jewelry, Anthropologie (similar here).

Remember, you get your first month free at Rocksbox with code: KRISTINBFF149

Photos: Haizel Creations

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Strong Lash

I don’t do a lot of beauty posts, but I love when I get to! It’s kind of fun to break out of my fashion mold a little bit! Today I get to tell you about Strong Lash! Most of you know that I get my lashes done, so you’re probably all wondering why I’m telling you about a lash growth serum. As first when they approached me I told them that I get me lashes done so I wouldn’t be able to try out the product, but she explained to met that tons of girls with false lashes use it to strengthen their real lashes and help their false lashes stay on longer! So I said why not! And I’m so glad I did!

You just apply a small amount to the skin of your upper lash line (and lower if wanted) with the applicator brush before makeup and after removal, up to twice a day! You will see results in as little as two weeks! I love it because it keeps my lashes strong for my false lashes. I use false lashes because mine are pretty short and I like having them for my photo shoots, but I guarantee if you just used this product you wouldn’t even need to use false lashes. This helps your lashes grow and stay strong!

Right now you can get 30% off your own bottle by using the code: KRISTIN30

P.S. How amazing is this bathroom at The Grand America? It was my favorite part of the room! Gorgeous!

Wild One Forever - Strong Lash 5Wild One Forever - Strong Lash 3Wild One Forever - Strong Lash 6Wild One Forever - Strong Lash 1Wild One Forever - Strong Lash 7Wild One Forever - Strong Lash 4Wild One Forever - Strong Lash 2Wild One Forever - Strong Lash 8

Lash Serum – c/o Strong Lash; Tee – Victoria’s Secret; Shorts – 7 for All Mankind (similar here)

All photos shot at The Grand America Hotel (in their amazing bathroom – GAH!)

Photos: Emmy Lowe Photo

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