Tom Petty and Cleobella

Tom Petty graphic tee and Cleobella kimono jacket

This post is a little bit sentimental for me because Tom Petty recently died. I was extremely sad because one of the top things on my bucket list was to see him play live and now I won’t get to. But the girls at Koheesiv sent me this cute graphic tee to cheer me up a little bit. I’m not sure how many of you know this, but I named my blog after my favorite Tom Petty song and I put my life into my blog! So it meant so much to me when they sent me the tee!

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Albion Fit Jetsetters and Rugby Top

Albion Fit Sage Jetsetters and Rugby Top

Albion Fit as has always been one of my main go-tos for fitness and athletic wear, but they have recently just come out with a whole line of leisure wear (or athleisure) if you will! It’s so cute and so comfy and I am obsessed with these sage jetsetters. I got the black pair about a year or so ago and I just had to get these ones when I saw the color!

Snag yours today with my 15% off discount code: DAVIS15

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Stronger Bordeaux Workout Set

Stronger Bordeaux Workout Set

This outfit from Stronger is one of those workout sets that I just want to live in. It’s so comfortable, but also makes me feel amazing. Sometimes it’s really easy to get discouraged or down, and if an outfit makes you feel better then I am all for it. The fit is just perfect and the material is like butter! Trust me, you’ll want one of these outfits! 

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The Sierra Blanket Poncho

Printed Scarf Poncho

One of the good things about living in Utah (fashionwise) is that you get to try out lots of different outerwear! It’s pretty cold half of the year so I have a large collection of jackets and coats, but this scarf poncho is one of my favorites! I love this because it’s a statement piece, but it’s so soft and warm as well! You can get it as well at this cute knotted tee from Grace and Lace!

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Knit Your Love Cardigan from ChicWish

Chunky knit ivory cardigan sweater

This might be the coziest cardigan I’ve come across this fall. I love the knitted detail (did you notice the little heart shapes?) and it comes in 3 different colors from ChicWish!

Also, these Kut from the Kloth jeans are from Amara Fashion Boutique and for the rest of October they still have their Denim days going on! That means that all of their denim is 20% off, AND if you buy a pair of denim you can get 20% off a pair of shoes…and guess what? Yep, these gorgeous Sam Edelman booties are also from Amara! 

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Green Fall Skirt and Embroidery

Green mini skirt and embroidered blouse and Henri Bendel Jetsetter Backpack

I love wearing skirts for fall, because winter is just way too cold to, so I try to get them in as much as I can before it’s freezing for a few months. We’ve had some pretty cold days here in Utah already, but this day was gorgeous and sunny so this was the perfect skirt to wear! It’s also under $40 from ChicWish!

I’m a little bit obsessed with this bag from Henri Bendel, because it can be used as a tote or converted into a backpack. Backpacks are just so useful, so I love that this bag can be used as either. Plus, isn’t the color just amazing for fall?

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