4 ways to sink a marriage/relationship

I was listening to ZHT this morning and they had a marriage therapist on the “morning zoo”. They were talking about relationships etc….kind of the obvious topic, but ANYWAY…they gave the top 4 ways you can ruin a marriage or relationship. Basically just little things people do that they might not realize harm their marriage. I thought it was interesting, because it’s kind of the same in a dating relationship too. Just thought I would post.
1. Trash talking your spouse to your friends. (or telling your friends the details of your relationship)
2. Snipping at each other/little comments. You’re usually upset about something else anyway and you make remarks to or about them.
3. Parenting out of sync. Kids always find a way to play you against each other if this is the case.
4. Not trying new things. (Getting stuck in a rut)
*I could probably work on some of these things in my relationship and friendships.
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random events lately

I’ve been trying to be more social lately, because I’ve been working so much that I HAVE to go do something when I’m done. It’s been driving me nuts. Usually I’m kind just in the mood to go home and watch tv or something, but I’ve just been wanting to enjoy my summer a little more before it’s winter I guess.
A few weeks ago I went up to Salt Lake with Aislinn and we met up with some of our friends and went to a concert at the State Room (I dont even know who it was because I didn’t really care lol, but it was fun).
Blake, me, and Ais sitting outside.

Then I think two or three weeks ago, I went out with a few girls I met a while back for their birthdays just to hang out with some new people and we went to the Westerner. It was really fun actually. We all rode the mechanical bull and country danced.

This weekend, Jake surprised me and took me on a date up to Salt Lake. We got sushi and then he had gotten tickets to go see Godfrey at Wiseguys. He’s on Comedy Central a lot, but he was hilarious in person. My cheeks hurt so bad because I could not stop laughing. It was a really fun night.

*Sorry for all the camera phone pictures…I keep forgetting to charge my camera!
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