Get in the Game

My favorite model, Erin Heatherton!
Such a good motivation to go to the gym!
I just think she’s adorable.

(this one is my favorite…I love the expression on her face.)

Featured in Harper’s Bazaar Espana
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My Dogs

My poor little Tika has been in the puppy hospital for the weekend because she was throwing up all her food and water and couldn’t eat or drink anything. Apparently after a bunch of tests and being hooked up to an iv, they think she had pancreatitis…but they’re hoping that’s all it was. I would be so sad if it was something else! They think she is going to be ok, so I’m crossing my fingers! My Dad finally brought her home on Monday.

This is the little chunk herself, with me this last Christmas.

This is her and her half sister, Roxy. They were born at the same time and we took they home the same day. They had the same dad, but different mothers. We’ve had them since I was 14 I think?
Last Fourth of July, while my family was in Utah visiting, Roxy got scared by the fireworks and got out somehow. No one ever found her :(. We never found out what happened to her. Saddest day of my life! She was my puppy!

She was my little skinny girl! Miss her! (That’s Tika peeking out in the background)

And this big boy is Kahuna. I’m pretty sure he is 15 now, because we got him when Taylor was about 1. He is the sweetest and most gentle dog ever. He has cancer on his legs 🙁 but he still just prances around and hangs out all day and is still happy to be around. I’ll be sad when he’s gone.

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The Cabin

Last weekend I went up to the cabin to visit my family. My mom and brother had been up there all week, but I had to work 🙁 Saturday morning my uncle decided that we were going to go on a hike straight up the mountain (literally, there was no trail) to find “Jim Bridger’s Cabin”. Apparently Jim Bridger is a famous fur trapper or something.
Anyway, it was actually pretty fun, but my mom and Aunt Kathy were freaking out about how steep it was and there being no trail so they wanted to turn around about a third of the way or so in (I think the total was about 5 miles there and then 5 back). So I went back with them because I think they would have died or gotten lost getting back 🙂 Taylor and my Uncle John made it to the cabin, but I don’t have the pictures of that. I only got my mom’s and not my uncles. There is not much left of the cabin anyway.

Uncle John, Aunt Kathy, Mom, Me, Taylor
Below: same group, minus mom, plus Grandpa….I look like a midget.

Taylor and I

the beginning of the hike where there is no trail

Later that day with my Grandma and Grandpa by the horses.

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Nursing Interview

So tomorrow I have my interview for nursing school at Westminster. That is my number one choice for schools, so I’m a little nervous. I actually feel pretty good about it, but I think you always get nervous when it’s something that important! So anyway, I’ve been getting my application together for the past couple weeks and that’s why I’ve been in school again. I picked out my outfit tonight (of course) and I think I’m all ready!
Wish me luck!

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