Harper’s Bazaar – Claudia

I love this spread. So summery! And I want that bike! However, I realize it’s probably not very smart to wear a dress while riding a bike, I want that dress too! I also want her hat in the last photo!
model: Claudia Schiffer
In: Harper’s Bazaar UK

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Moab Pictures…Finally

So I finally got pictures from the Moab trip I went on back in April! Remember my post about my awesome bike riding skills? haha…well here are the pictures from it!

Jake and I before the ride.

All of us before the ride.
Jake, Chad, Scottie, Garrett, Brit, Jake F, Kami, Chelsie, Me

Kami, Me, and Brit. We rode together most of the time. Chad was nice and took us on an easy ride, so the guys could go on the really hard one and we wouldn’t die!

Me, looking slightly retarded…I was so tired at this point!

the guys

Tamales after the ride…soooo good. Don’t worry, we still went to eat after this. 5 hours of bike riding makes you hungry!


Waterfalls from all the rain the next day.

Muddy boys cleaning up the camp site.


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Brit’s Bye Bye

Brit is left for San Diego this week! She’s moving! (Hopefully only for the summer 🙁 ). We all went to Cheesecake Factory for a goodbye dinner! Miss you already Brit!

We all look like demons in this picture…eek!

Kami, Jess, Brit, Taylor, Me, Jen, Kristin, and Kylee

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So You Think You Can Dance – The Girls

Another So You Think You Can Dance Video!
This was my favorite of the night! Probably because I love Sonya…she might be weird, but she seriously does the best dances! The girls this year look soooo good too! I’m excited to watch! I haven’t decided who my favorites are yet.
Choreographed by Sonya Tayeh
Music: Pop Drop and Roll by Chonique Sneed and Lisette Bustamante
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Passion Pit – SYTYCD

I love So You Think You Can Dance…I’m so excited for it to be back on!
Just thought I’d post this dance from the new top 20 because I absolutely love this song and I love this dance. Amazing.
Choreographed by Travis Wall
Music: Moth’s Wings – Passion Pit
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A Little Brag…

I got an A on my Chem test!!!!
I actually got the highest score in my class. THAT is probably the first and only time that will ever happen for me in Chemistry. Haha. Actually it just makes me realize that when I actually try I can actually do chem. And secretly I’m smarter than most people think I am. Sad. Haha. Anyway, Just thought I’d brag a little bit, because usually I’m TERRIBLE at chem! So this is how I feel right now! Yay! (p.s. such an old picture)

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