Anne Hathaway’s Many Outfits

Anne Hathaway must have been pretty busy last night running around changing her outfit, but I’m fairly jealous, because her dresses were gorgeous. I did not like the dress she showed up on the red carpet in that much though. It was ok, and the color looked good on her, but I didn’t think her hair looked that great. And she called it “vintage”…it was from 2002…really? Since when is 2002 vintage? I liked the back of it. I’ve just seen her wear better. Like all the other ones she wore last night…or the one she wore to the Golden Globes this year…anyway, here’s all her pretty dresses…and her tux…really I just posted that one because I loved the shoes 🙂
(designer provided with a little help from Perez)

Lanvin Tux, Brian Atwood Heels
Tom Ford

Armani Prive



Oscar de la Renta

Vivienne Westwood


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float on

“Bad news comes, don’t you worry even when it lands.
Good news will work its way to all them plans.
Alright already we’ll all float on.
Alright don’t worry even if things end up a bit too heavy.
We’ll all float on…alright. Already we’ll all float on.”

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Christian Louboutins
I just want at least one pair in my life…and I hope to have a whole collection.
I felt that this post was appropriate today also because of the Oscars. To me these shoes epitomize fashion. Pick up any US Weekly and almost every celebrity is wearing a pair…or watch an awards show…same thing. They’re like a work of art. Look at the pair of shoes below that looks like they should go with an ice skating outfit. I’m not saying that I would wear those ones, but they’re kind of fun. All I want is a simple pair of heels with the red sole. I know it’s not exactly a sensible purchase, but it’s just on my wishlist ok. 🙂

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Jessica Alba

Chick Crush Day 17
Jessica Alba
I think Jessica Alba is one of the most beautiful people ever. She looks so pretty without makeup. She’s just one of my favorites. And she’s pregnant again 🙂

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Lauren Conrad

Chick Crush Day 16
Lauren Conrad
I’ve always thought Lauren was one of the cutest from Laguna Beach and the Hills. The fact that she has come out on top rather than crazy like “cough cough Heidi cough” sort of says something. She has a good job, a clothing line, a few books now…I think she’s actually done something pretty good with all of it. Plus I think she’s so cute and she has a really good style. I also would just love to have her hair. Here’s to Lauren.

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