True Whit

True Whit, by Whitney Port
comes out Feb. 1, 2011
I’m actually looking forward to this! I think she’s so cute. She was just on Chelsey Lately promoting this and she was so funny.
It’s supposed to be an advice book for girls in their twenty from things such as what to wear on a first date to how to decorate an apartment to what to do about puffy eyes.
All I know is, she’s the cutest one from the Hills and the City, so I’d read it! Actually I’m sort of interested to see what Lauren’s fashion books say.
Anyway, I’ll let you know how it is if I end up getting it.
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penguin love

Penguins are one of my favorite animals. When I would go to the zoo as a little girl I’d always ask to have one as a pet, because obviously if they can have them in the zoo in the warm weather then I could have one at my house right? So, I’m dedicating a post to them.
Plus how cute is this picture?

Fun Facts about Penguins

– Penguins live between 15-20 years
– There are 18 different species of penguins. The smallest is the Fairy Penguin that is only 2 lbs, while the biggest is the Empire, which can be up to 90.
– Penguins are not naturally afraid of humans
– Penguins can swim up to 25 miles an hour.
– Penguins are only found below the equator. Most people think they are only in Antarctica, but they are also found in South America, New Zealand, South Africa, and Australia.
– Their feathers are waterproof.
– Penguins can survive over 3 months without food.
– Males take care of the eggs, and then they switch and the females watch over the hatched children.
– Penguins catch all their food in the sea. They are carnivores.
– Penguins can’t fly, but they are the fast swimming bird and the deepest diving bird.
– Penguins eyes work better underwater than they do in the air.
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Thank you Christopher Nolan, way to ruin Batman.
Anne Hathway is going to be playing the next Catwoman in the 3rd Batman (The Dark Knight Rises) by Nolan. Ummm worst pick ever?
She’s awkward and not that great of an actress and definitely not sexy. I guess I shouldn’t judge her until I see the movie, but I am. It makes me not want to go. How do you go from having Heath Ledger be one of your main characters to Anne Hathaway? She’s supposed to be in girly romantic comedies. I don’t know. Apparently Nolan’s choice of female characters were Keira Knightley, Jessica Biel, Gemma Arterton, Kate Mara, and Charlotte Riley. All of which I think would have been better choices. Blake Lively, Natalie Portman, Naomi Watts and Rachel Weisz were also on the list possibly for one of the two female roles in the movie. Would have rather seen any of them too.
Sorry Anne, I don’t want to be so mean, but I’m so disappointed. I hope you’ll be better than I expect. I’m going to try and trust Christopher Nolan on this one, because I love his other movies.

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The Bachelor and the Beast

Bachelor Update
Michelle started out pretty well…for the first ten minutes of the first episode of the show…and then it all went downhill. From her crying about her birthday to her stealing all the one on one time and making all the girls mad, I personally think she makes the show quite interesting. I definitely don’t want her to win, but I don’t want her to go, because it’s hilarious to watch. The black eye topped it off. Supposedly one of the assumptions is that it was self-inflicted so that she could get more attention. I wouldn’t be surprised.
I think she’s really pretty, but I can’t get over the last couple photos. Bahahaha.

Quotes from tonight’s episode:

“I wish I was the one that gave Michelle her black eye. I want to rip her head off.” – Ashley S
“There is a really good chance that if I don’t get my own date this week, Brad might get his own black eye.” – Michelle
“I don’t know how to handle it. I think I beat myself in the middle of the night because of it.” -Michelle
“I’m kind of concerned. I’m seeing you make connections with certain girls that I feel are emotionally unstable. And that concerns me, because I feel like that’s not who I am. I’m like, is he not gonna pick me because I’m not emotionally weak enough to be so needy?”
– Chantal O,
after she just got done crying about Emily getting a present from Brad and feeling like it cheapened her date and she didn’t feel special anymore…ummm emotionally unstable?
“Maybe I’m not as cool as I think.” – Megan
UGH, I wanted Ashley H to go home, but of course she didn’t. Blah. She annoys me. Everyone else was who I wanted though. 🙂
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Best Lineup Ever

90210, The Bachelor, and Gossip Girl all in one night! I love Mondays!
Ok I’m a little bit obsessed…but 90210 and Gossip Girl haven’t been on since before Christmas and I’ve bee waiting forever! (hence my countdown).
Woo Hoo! How excited am I about tonight? I may never leave my room. 🙂
Kind of really wondering about Michelle’s black eye…Also, have any of you seen the commercial that actually dubs her “Mich-Hell”? Bahahaha…love it.

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Thursday night a bunch of us went up to Sundance Resort to see Matt Harding play. It was really fun. He was so good. Just a few pictures below.

On Saturday we went up to Park city for Nicole’s birthday. Freezing, but fun!

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